Exclusive Nike Mag Live Auction Invite Offer

Nike Mag
Nike Mag

Nike held an introduction event for the Nike Mag tonight in Hollywood at the Montalban Theatre for the second night in a row, allowing the general public a chance to peep these pop culture icon kicks with their own eyes. 

I’ll give a more full on recap of the night with videos and higher quality photos soon, but for tonight, I wanted to mention one highlight in particular.  Nike staff members had guests fill out a small paper for a raffle to win a guaranteed spot in tomorrow’s Nike Mag live auction at Niketown in Santa Monica.  And as it turns out, fate decided to pick me as a winner!

While it would have been insanely cool to have won an actual pair of the Mag’s, this is not such a bad pickup.  Well, instead of using the auction spot myself, I wanted to see if anyone in the Los Angeles area would be interested in perhaps having me bid on their behalf tomorrow morning night.  Think about it this way, the pool of bidders will be much smaller than all the people on the Internet and you won’t have to wait over 20 hours for a furious finish.  This live auction will condense the entire process and potentially see the sneakers sell for a lot less than what we’ve been seeing on eBay.  You just never know with a live auction.

If you’re interested, just email me at and shoot me your contact information so that we can get in touch ASAP.  Again, the auction will take place at the Niketown store in Santa Monica at 10am tomorrow morning night (Sep. 10) and believe me, we will need to have a serious discussion regarding details of how this is going to have to go down.

*UPDATE: My apologies!  I swear they told me 10am last night, but I received an email saying it’s 10pm!  There’s still a lot of time!

Hope to hear from someone soon!

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