LeBron James vs Kevin Durant NBA Debate

LeBron James – Powerful Beyond Measure

What made the Goodman League vs. Melo League game so magnificent was the fact that LBJ was guarding KD most of the time and by all accounts, Durant was just taking Bron to school, over and over again.  Now, we all knew Kevin was a natural scoring machine the minute he set foot onto the court as a Texas Longhorn, but LeBron is heralded as one of the top defenders in the NBA, whether it be as an on-ball or help defender.  However, if you watch the clip on the previous page a few times, you realize that KD is making the King look like a serious fool.

I mean come on, 59 points?  I don’t care that it was against vanilla team defense in a non-NBA game.  The fact of the matter is, you still have to do major work and put the ball in the hoop.

In terms of overall skill set, many would definitely argue that very few players, if any, can say that they’re even in the same class as LBJ.  He’s got the vision and passing ability of Magic with an equally intimidating physical frame and the ferocious brute force of Dominique Wilkins.  Never before has there been an athlete of Bron’s quality, NBA or not.  He’s a freakish physical specimen, case closed. The only thing still missing from LBJ’s game is an arsenal of go-to post up moves.  As versatile as he may be, until he adds that card to his hand, his game will not improve too much upon where it already is.

Kevin Durant on the other hand, uses his slender, elongated frame and a silky smooth finesse game to his benefit.  To be a back-to-back scoring champion takes an unbelievable amount of hard work, dedication and pure skill.  The knock on KD’s physical traits, or lack thereof, has not hindered his growth in the league whatsoever.  He almost lulls his opponents into thinking that he can’t finish at the rim because he’s slim and trim, but again, watch the tape.

For that matter, watch any of Durant’s professional highlights.  He displays plenty of strength in the painted area and even throws down thunderous dunks when given the space.  With that said however, bigger and physical defenders like Ron Artest have proven effective in slowing him down and making him a high volume scorer, which is not a good thing.

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