LeBron James vs Kevin Durant NBA Debate

Kevin Durant Mix – Ultimate Legend

How I like to approach any player debate of this nature is by asking whether or not each player can do what the other can.  That is, can LeBron score in all the ways KD can?  Can Durant notch a triple-double on any given night?  It’s clear that LBJ doesn’t have Kevin’s shooting ability, but we also have minimal indication about the level of KD’s court vision and passing sense as it compares to LeBron.  They’ve both got strong handles, scoring punch and pesky defense.  From here, what it really comes down to is, who would you rather have on your team?

If it was based purely on skill set and physical advantage, LeBron is kind of the no-brainer choice.  But, we don’t live in such a simple world and therefore, this isn’t that simple of a debate to reconcile.  Given Bron’s horrific track record for vanishing in the biggest games during the most crucial moments, I’m going to place my faith in Kevin Durant.

While KD hasn’t faced nearly as many playoff hurdles as LeBron so far, he’s at the least proven himself to be a player who is willing to fail if it means that he has a chance to take his team down the path of glory.  He is not afraid to take big shots.  This goes beyond their skills because it’s abundantly obvious that these dudes can BALL.

Until King James truly ascends to the throne he’s sought to validate for the last eight years and takes his place as an NBA immortal by becoming a champion, it will mean that he hasn’t figured it out…figured it all out that is, and put it all together in the clutchest moments.  Unless that day ever arrives, I’ve gotta roll with KD as the best small forward in the Association.  Durant’s career is still so young and he’s got a slight buffer compared to LBJ.

Who would you pick between LeBron James and Kevin Durant if you were starting an NBA franchise?  Share your thoughts!

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Kevin Durant and LeBron James
Is This Matchup the Best in the NBA Now?

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