Top 10 Kobe Bryant Sneaker Performances

2009 NBA Finals Game 1 (Magic at Lakers)


Facing the demons of the Shaq-Kobe era and the dismantling of his team in the 2008 NBA Finals, Kobe was not about to let the Orlando Magic prevent him from winning his fourth ring. He had lost two Finals in a row and as you can imagine, the pressure on his shoulders could have been enough to reawaken Mt. Vesuvius.

Well, to say that the Mamba simply stepped up to the plate would be a gross understatement. He came out in Game 1 and hammered the tone very early into the Magic wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe IV in all its glory, unloading 40 points on the challengers and making every defender (mainly Mikael Pietrus) look like Jermaine Dupri’s son.  At the very least, Kobe had let the Magic know that he was more than capable of winning a game against them on his own.

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